Temporary Strainer Stainless Steel

Temporary Strainers are fabricated in stainless steel and designed for temporary or short periods of operation, for example during commissioning and initial start up periods of new or reconditioned process lines to remove any coarse debris such as rags, welding rods, pipe scale, rust etc., accidentally or unavoidably pre-sent within a system. Temporary Strainers are very easy to install and just as easy to remove between two flanges in a pipeline system.
Temporary Strainers are manufactured of a perforated plate with a welded collar. The collar is used for the fixation of the strainer between two flanges in a pipeline. The medium should flow from the outside to the inside. After a nominal period of operation they are usually replaced with a permanent strainer of a finer retention.


Data Sheets for Top Hat Strainer:  Data Sheets for Witch Hat Strainer: General Information to the Temporary Strainers:
Temporary Strainer
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  • efficient and reasonable strainer
  • stable design
  • a short structural shape which requests little space
  • no moving parts
  • reusable elements

Strainer Types Stainless Steel for Industrial Applications

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel PN16

Low prices with short time delivery for many filterfinesses

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel ANSI, PN25, PN40

Strainer with large filter area and low pressure loss

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel Screwed

Easy mounting and up to 100 bar available

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel Socket Weld

Stable connection to the pipe and up to 100 bar

Single Basket Strainer Stainless Steel

For a tool-free and comfortable basket cleaning

Duplex-Strainer Stainless Steel

Interruption free plant operation through 2 sieves

T-Type Strainer Stainless Steel

From 2" (DN50) up to 12" (DN300) and up to 2500 LB (ASME)

Temporary Strainer Stainless Steel

During startup or after revision

Strainer in Carbon Steel

Strainer overview in carbon steel